Elmico Motor Heavy Duty Electric Blower

Elmico EB-3 electric blower is a versatile equipment that helps in cleaning hard to reach areas and appliances,easily and quickly sweep leaves, sticks, and debris from hard surfaces like driveways, decks, porch, garages. Or clear dust for your workplace, especially for those hard-to-reach areas



Cleaning of all appliances and difficult to reach areas by distance blowing the cut materials and wastes away from the job area to have clean view. It also helps work further air drying after paining, water washing and surface treatment. Easiest and most convenient fixing of nozzl. It has Ideal power-to-weight ratio.

Features & details

  • Cleaning the area by blowing of the dirt and also hard to reach areas
  • Removing debris or garbage
  • Removing light and fluffy snow
  • Removing the dead leaves from the ground
  • Maintenance of electronic items like CPU, Air conditioner, Music system.
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