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Coat Me Bonjour Paris Insta Dramatic Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner (Satin White, 6 ml)


“Get the unfading 9-5 look with Bonjour Paris Coat me Insta Dramatic Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. Why would u choose it ? It comes with a promise of instant color release. You draw various contemporary or dramatic styles by just dipping the easy to use brush in the desired hue. Has a varied range of chic colors for you to choose from. Formulated with a smooth rich color base which offers excellent water and smudge resistance. This product suffices day makeup, however, for a stunning evening look, you are recommended to accentuate your eyes with a dash of Color Fever or Bonjour Paris Volumising Mascara. Keeping the lips subtle, cheeks can further be highlighted with a Color Fever Shimmering Rose Blush or Bonjour Paris Translucent Pear Powder.” ******** Always start with a clean face. Recommended to use Bonjour Paris Makeup Removing Wipes, as it effortlessly takes off all dirt / grime and makeup residue. For Application assistance please scan QR code on the pack or visit our website for professional videos and guide by makeup artists.

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  • Instant color release formula, Instant color release formula
  • Quick drying – Waterproof – Smudge proof
  • Appropriate for day and evening makeup
  • Precise application for creating various bold and dramatic eye looks
  • Easy to use and carry
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