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Beardo Vitamin C Facial Serum


Beardo Vitamin C Facial Serum gets absorbed by your skin, reinstating the most important parts of your skin. By specifically targeting concerned areas, it provides double benefits to your skin with Vitamin C and Glycerin.

Beardo Vitamin C Facial Serum provides a firm and toned look.

The beardo vitamin c facial serum is your knight in shining armour. The serum comes with all ingredients blended with each other in the perfect proportions to make absorption easy. It penetrates deep into the skin to get rid of dark spots and pigmented skin. Apart from that, it provides a firmer and toned look and leaves an even-toned complexion. The best part of this men’s facial treatment is, it doesn’t interfere with the moisturizer. In fact, it benefits the skin more, when used with sunscreen or a moisturizer.

Features & details

  • Softens skin
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Maintains the texture
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