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    Men’s Ultra-Light Soft Cotton Checkered Boxer Shorts with Pockets

    Ameena Store Stitched Ultra-Light Fabric-Featuring 100% durable soft cotton sourced from the Ameena Store, it?s a Breeze to step into the ultra-light boxer shorts. It?s so light, it may make light of a tough day too, all day boxer. Dual Pockets-Two side pockets for favorite light-weight boxers for the versatile life you wish to lead to keep all essentials you need. Band of Brotherhood-With microfibre elastic band on the inside means no more stretch marks at the end of a long day. Add on the hidden button fly and its comfort and utility to the moon. Our Boxer shorts give a tailored fit and from solid colors to intricately embroidered detailing and statement prints, the entire collection is crafted for a comfortable feel and durability. Boxers are available in a perfect fit to take your leisure weekend with friends and family a notch or two higher. MADE IN INDIA PRODUCT.

    Store:  Secrets Deal
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